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Want to help build public WiFi in Pittsburgh?

We're looking for volunteers to joint the PittMesh Working Group NOW.

There is lots to do and we're looking for volunteers to assist in a variety of capacities. Do you want to get on a ladder and help build out the physical side of the network? Join our Installation Team. Have programming or Linux administration skills? Jump onto our chat program and become a technical resource in our Brain Trust. Or do you just want to learn about the project and take care of administrative tasks to help us use our time better? Become a Bunker Buddy. There are many ways you can help us accomplish our goal of providing connectivity to those who need it around Pittsburgh! Hop on over to our Volunteer Form and let us know how you want to help reach our goals!




Meta Mesh Wireless Communities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We rely on funding from those who want to bridge the Digitial Divide in Southwestern PA and around the world. Help us accomplish our goals by donating Dollars or Bitcoin.

Our Bitcoin address is:


Our Litecoin address is:





For any inquiries, questions, or funding opportunities, send us an e-mail through this form.

Underground Martini Bunker

744 East Warrington Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15210



Tel: 412-223-4253   Fax: 412-229-0322


Meta Mesh Wireless Communities is committed to a policy of Equal Employment Opportunity, and we take positive action to continually ensure equal opportunity to our employees, volunteers, and applicants in the conduct of all our activities. To apply for a volunteer or internship position with Meta Mesh Wireless Communities, please send a letter describing your skills and background and a resume to info@metamesh.org

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