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Information Center

Welcome to the Information Center at Meta Mesh University!


Here you can find a general orientation to learn all about mesh networking organizations in the United States. This section serves as a good place to find nearby Community Wireless Networks (CWNs) and ways to contact them as well as useful news articles.


Meta Mesh found that it was difficult for many new CWNs to find others like them in the US. So we created this curated information section to help young networks take off faster!

Active Community Wireless Networks


  • La Cañada Wireless Association

    • Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

    • Organizing Entity: LCWA 501(c)(12) non-profit organization

    • Firmware: None (not a mesh network)

    • Number of live nodes: N/A

    • Contact Info: 

  • Technology for all

    • Location: Houston, Texas​

    • Organizing Entity: Technology for all, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

    • Firmware: N/A

    • Routing Protocol: N/A

    • Number of live nodes: 21

    • Contact Info: 

      • Address: 2220 Broadway St, Houston, TX, 77012

      • Phone Number: 713-454-6400

      • Email: tfainfo@techforall.org

      • Mailing List: N/A

  • Wireless Woodstock

    • Location: Woodstock, Vermont​

    • Organizing Entity: Norman Williams Public Library

    • Firmware: N/A

    • Routing Protocol: N/A

    • Number of live nodes: N/A

    • Contact Info: 

      • Address: 10 South Park Street, Woodstock VT, 05091

      • Phone Number: 802-457-2295

      • Email: t@haystackdigital.com

      • Mailing List: N/A

Community Wireless Network online communities
  • reddit

    • mesh networking, but not specific to community wireless networks

General News and Documentation
Tools and Technology