Event Internet Access

Your event needs reliable Internet access for live-streaming, video-conferencing, and communication for the organizers and production staff. Where will you get your bandwidth from and will everyone have access to it?


Meta Mesh Wireless Communities provides temporary, event-based WiFi Internet access for both staff and guests and point of sale devices. We will work with you to build a custom, reliable indoor or outdoor network that can be private, public, or both. Meta Mesh will work with your budget and provide you with a solution to accommodate your event needs.


With scalable mesh networking technology, we can disseminate Internet access throughout your venue easily and reliably providing up to 150mbps of aggregate bandwidth. Included with your network will be a custom, branded landing page with terms and conditions as well as a customized network name.

Meta Mesh provided connectivty for 2,000 attendees of the Hilltopolis concert in 2017

Meta Mesh is able to prioritize staff and production traffic over public access ensuring your event traffic always gets to where it’s going and your streams are stable.


Also included is reporting after the event for the number of users connected and the amount of bandwidth used by both public and private network users. Meta Mesh staff will provide on-site support for your event including setup and teardown of equipment, network monitoring and adjustment, and problem detection and resolution.


You will have stable, fast, and ubiquitous WiFi Internet access whether you are holding a concert in a field with a thousand guests or at a ribbon cutting ceremony in a city park. Unlike generalized IT companies, Meta Mesh specializes in rapid design and deployment of WiFi for any kind of event. 

Pricing for this service starts at $2,000 for a one acre, single day event with roughly 1,000 expected guests.

An example of a small concert's connectivity plan

“How did you guys get Internet access up here?”

“Easy. Meta Mesh.”

- Conversation with Buzzy Torek, Production Manager, regarding the Hilltopolis music festival, 2017

“13,000 streams and not a moment of downtime.”

- Michael Sorg, Audio Engineer, regarding the Le Creme music festival, 2017

Call us at 412-223-4253 or e-mail us at Info@metamesh.org!

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