Have extra wireless equipment? Donate it to Meta Mesh!

July 5, 2015

If you are like us, you probably have some old computer equipment collecting cobwebs in your basement. Technology “graveyards” are a surefire symptom of being chronically sick with IT-itis, which is, of course, incurable.

Fortunately Meta Mesh is announcing a donation program that will allow you to put your old wireless radios, routers, antennas, cables, and tools towards growing the PittMesh network. When you donate usable equipment, we set it aside to be given to node hosts to lighten the financial load of purchasing a node. Even though Meta Mesh’s equipment


is relatively inexpensive compared to many other wireless solutions, the cost to buy, configure, and mount the equipment can still be prohibitive for some people. Why not take up a collection and reuse old wireless equipment that is compatible with our routers?




Here are a few details:

  • Meta Mesh is not a 501(c)3 organization and therefore, your donations are NOT tax deductible.

  • If you want to target your donation to a specific charity operating in a neighborhood or municipality in which you would like to see PittMesh have a presence, we can work with you to make that happen.

  • Meta Mesh will not compensate or trade any currency or in-kind payment for your donation. It’s a donation.

  • Meta Mesh will not resell donated equipment. Any equipment deemed usable by Meta Mesh will be set aside and used in situations where a potential PittMesh node host may be willing to host equipment but not comfortably able to afford the cost of certain elements of the installation.

  • Meta Mesh reserves the right not to accept any equipment or to re-donate or discard any equipment for any reason.

  • Meta Mesh may add branding for PittMesh (but not Meta Mesh) to further advertise the free and open network we are encouraging.

  • Meta Mesh will refuse any equipment dropped off without our knowledge at our office. You must contact Meta Mesh first before donating any equipment.

We are most interested in the following items:

  • 2.4 and 5 GHz antennas:

    • Yagis

    • > 10 DBi omni-directionals (NO “rubber ducky” antennas)

    • Sectors

    • Biquads

    • Parabolic Dishes (NO satellite dishes. Yes, they can be used for WiFi. No, we will not accept them)

    • Patch and Panels (Preferably with N-Type connectors)

    • Lightning arrestors or grounding equipment

  • Routers and switches

    • 802.11n or 802.11ac routers only (Please do not donate your WRT54g’s, as much as we love them)

    • Preferably routers supported by Commotion. You can find the current list of compatible routers here

    • Switches only if they are gigabit speeds AND have a power adapter included (or use a standard three-prong IEC 60320 C13 coupler power cable).

    • Routers and switches in good, working condition only. Stained, cracked, broken, bricked, or “for parts only” routers and switches will not be accepted.

    • Power over Ethernet injectors, including PoE switches

  • Cables

    • Unused indoor-rated (UTP, preferably plenum), Category 5e or 6 Ethernet cable in lengths over 100 feet, either terminated or unterminated.

    • Unused outdoor-rated (STP), Category 5e or 6 Ethernet cable in any lengths, terminated or unterminated.

    • Unused RJ45 Ethernet ends of both the shielded and unshielded varieties.

    • Gently used serial-USB cables, JTAG devices and cables, and pinout connectors (must come with documentation on their voltages)

We will not accept the following items:

  • Desktop computers

  • Laptop computers

  • Power cables that do not come without associated devices

  • Video or sound equipment and/or cables

  • Discrete components unless it’s a bad-to-the bone graphics card which we WILL use ourselves. Witcher 3 doesn’t run itself, you know.

  • Blenders, washers, dryers, printers, alien technology, illegal or unsafe equipment, or anything too large to fit through a doorway.

If you have any of the unwanted or restricted items listed, please donate them to our friends at Goodwill Computer Store in Lawrenceville located at 125 51st st., Pittsburgh, PA 15201 or Computer Reach at 214 N. Lexington Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 (inside Construction Junction).

By donating any equipment to Meta Mesh for use in PittMesh, you relinquish any and all ownership and rights to how, when, or if it is used.

If you are interested, feel free to use our Contact Page or e-mail use at Info@metamesh.org.


Thank you!


❤️-The Meta Mesh team

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