Kickstarter incoming!

July 19, 2015

So much is happening at Meta Mesh right now! We are putting the finishing touches on our fundraising campaign. We wrote a witty “Mesh Prince of Bel-Air” rap! We received a scholarship to go to Europe! Cats and dogs. Living together. MASS HYSTERIA! We will bring you updates on everything in the next few days but for now, we will be focusing on our biggest news…


We are launching a Kickstarter! But why, you all are probably asking yourselves? Meta Mesh is already so awesome! Yes. This is true. But we can’t subsist on “awesome” alone. Bringing wireless networking to all is our passion, and we want to make it our full-time jobs. In order to cover operational costs, write out documentation, and stock our webstore, we need seed money. That’s where the Kickstarter comes in!

With the successful completion of the Kickstarter, we will have the time and money to do three things:

  • Compile an accessible and digestible documentation library of all things Community Wireless Networking. We believe that anyone can set up their own community wireless network, and you shouldn’t need a computer science degree or pay an expensive IT company to do it! After all,



That’s right, you have the power to build these networks yourselves - it’s just that no one has ever taught you how. That’s our goal - to provide instructions on everything from understanding radio physics to configuring routers to installing rooftop routers so the layman can understand it!

  • Stock and manage the country’s first Community Wireless Networking webstore. We plan on providing pre-built, preconfigured nodes for purchase so you can build your own community wireless networks right out of the box.

  • Expand and manage the community wireless network (PittMesh) in our hometown of Pittsburgh. Many local neighborhoods lack money or access to expensive wireless networks. We are currently writing grants for the communities of Braddock and Morningside, and are in talks with several others.

If you have been following us in the press, that Kickstarter was supposed to launch on July 1. As you have probably noticed, that didn’t happen. We have only two people working full time, so the configuration of rewards, promotional videos, and press has taken us a bit longer than we initially thought. Right now we are aiming for launch in a by the end of July. We are going to be offering a plethora of different rewards at various price points, from stickers to wireless networking how-to coloring books to t-shirts to full node packages! We are tentatively setting our goal at $80,000. But we will need YOUR help to spread the word and pledge money, so please plan on sharing the link on your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and web pages! Here’s a sneak peak of one of our t-shirt logos on our Kickstarter, designed by us and printed by the fine folks at Commonwealth Press.



Did we write out an entire rap to go with the logo? You bet we did. Will these lyrics be featured in an amusing video to be released in the middle of our campaign?




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