Meta Mesh to attend BattleMesh V8 next week!

July 29, 2015

Now that we have launched our Kickstarter, to which you should totally back and get some super-duper backer rewards, we wanted to start announcing some really exciting upcoming news for Meta Mesh. First up, a trip to Slovenia for Battlemesh!


From August 3-9 in Maribor, Slovenia, Adam Longwill, founder of Meta Mesh, will be attending BattleMesh V8.


BattleMesh is the world’s only mesh networking battle royale where the developers of many of the most popular routing protocols for ad-hoc networks get together, set up a test network and duke it out to see who has the best protocol for a given situation. This year, the protocols that are competing are Babel, BATMAN, BMX6, OLSR, 802.11s, and of course, static routing. You can read more about the types of tests that will be run by checking out their Post about it.


This would be exciting enough on its own, but this year there has been a lot of talk about the disconcerting news that the FCC in the US may require that networking equipment manufacturers implement controls that prevent wireless routers from being re-flashed with firmware which would allow broadcasting at frequencies that are not allowed in the US or broadcast in a way that would interfere with radar. This year, at BattleMesh, Simon Wunderlich will give a talk on “OpenWRT vs. FCC - Forced Firmware Lockdown?”. We have confirmed that there will be video recording of this talk which we will attempt to post on this blog at a later time.


This discussion at BattleMesh could be uniquely important to the growing Community Wireless Networking community because of the particular language in a document from the FCC that states that “for U-NII devices operating under Part 15 rules to require all devices to implement software security to ensure that the devices operate as authorized and cannot be modified.”


Could this be the end of development of third party firmwares on commercial hardware? Meta Mesh is doubtful of this, as there is always more to the story than a juicy headline. But Adam will be sure to get the information out as soon as he can and answer this eyebrow-raising question.


More updates to come soon! Make sure to follow Meta Mesh on Twitter at @metameshllc.


See you in Maribor!





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