Help Meta Mesh make a THUNDERCLAP!

March 29, 2016


Get the word out here:


Did you know that in December 2015, Meta Mesh LLC became Meta Mesh Wireless Communities, a 501(c)3 non-profit? Now, we're holding our first fundraiser during the week of April 18th! We are asking you all to “Spring Clean Your Wallet” for any amount of money that you can donate to the cause – no amount is too small! Because of our non-profit status, all donations are tax deductible and we can provide receipts if needed.  


In order to prepare for our fundraiser, we are asking you to sign up with, a site that will automatically tweet/Facebook/Tumblr post for you on April 18th. When 100 or more people use the hashtag #SpringCleanYourWallet on that day it will appear as if EVERYONE is talking about donating to Meta Mesh! All you have to do is authorize Thunderclap to make one social media post on April 18th to get the word out that we're raising money to do three things in the coming months:

  1. Develop new hardware to be used on the PittMesh Community Wireless Network in Pittsburgh

  2. Develop new software like Community Hub which allows authorized community leaders to update their neighborhood's PittMesh network splash page with important local news, alerts, and announcements

  3. Fund educational resources and pay for food for neighborhood classes where we teach community members how WiFi works as well as learn basic networking skills necessary to install, maintain, and expand their PittMesh neighborhood networks!

We've already begun teaching these classes in Braddock, PA on Wednesdays at Brew Gentlemen and we're in talks with other neighborhoods as well! If you want to stop by, our first class is April 6th at 7 pm!

Check out where PittMesh is at and see what we're up to at!

Thank you from all of us at Meta Mesh Wireless Communities! And don't forget to donate at the week of April 18th!

THANK YOU for your help ahead of time!

Adam Longwill
Executive Director, Meta Mesh Wireless Communities
"Wireless Networking for All!"

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