PittMesh Update: The Hill District is Awesome.

September 2, 2016

Tonight was the final night of our six classes in the Hill District. I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who was involved in the first half of the Hill District project. I have been blown away at the reciprocal enthusiasm I encountered not only within the group but from our partners as well. Assistance from the Hill CDC, State Representative Jake Wheatley, and the Hill House have set up an environment where Meta Mesh has been able to reach enthusiastic Hill District residents as well as neighbors from around the Pittsburgh area who want to see a community-built WiFi network in one of Pittsburgh's most historically rich neighborhoods.


We now move on to the second phase of our project: actually putting routers out in the wild. While development has started on what we're calling the PittMesh Standard v2, an enhanced and backward's compatible configuration of routers to maximize on-mesh services, we are working with out partners to build what will soon be the United States' largest community WiFi network. And the Hill District is about to be the gem in the network's crown.


We have purchased all the materials needed to put up the routers and are now actively looking for "node hosts" who can volunteer their property to host our matchbox-sized routers and who can donate bandwidth for the Mesh network. If you live or work in the Hill and would like to host a router, please get in touch with us at info@metamesh.org.


While the classes are now complete, you can watch the culmination of months of work on YouTube on our channel at youtube.com/c/MetaMeshWC. We have the first 3 class recordings up and will be uploading the last two soon. We did not record tonight's final class due to impracticality of recording a mock installation in a noisy, outdoor environment. We may record segments of our actual installations in the Hill to give a sense of how quick and easy it is to install these routers. We would also like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in learning about installation, WiFi or networking to volunteer an hour or two of time to help us install routers in the upcoming months. We are especially interested in grabbing the interest of high-school aged students who may be interested in going into the IT fields. 


Once again, thanks again to all our partners, sponsors, donors, and grant-makers for making this project a reality. We look forward to building something not seen anywhere else.


Thank you


Adam Longwill

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