Installs and NPR and fundraising, oh my!

September 25, 2016

What on earth has Meta Mesh been up to?  A lot, as you can probably gather from the lack of our blog updates.  Here's a brief list of everything that has been going down.


  • Classes in the Hill District have wrapped up, and we are now conducting weekly guided installations.  They are open to the public, so please check our main page for times and locations if you are interested!  The interest and cohesion in this group of participants has made us so happy!  By the way, if you missed the classes, you can check out the PowerPoint Presentations here and watch them on our YouTube channel here.  We believe that the Hill District Community Wireless Network will be the biggest and most involved yet!


 Adam uses a visual experiment to teach the class about WiFi basics

  • NPR will be featuring Meta Mesh in their Essential Pittsburgh serial!  That's right, Katie Blackley from WESA has been following and attending our classes and installations in the Hill District.  She also recently stopped by the office (the ol' Underground Martini Bunker) to interview Adam and Becky for her upcoming piece on the Digital Divide.  As soon as production is complete, we will be posting links on where and when you can listen to the Essential Pittsburgh episode featuring Meta Mesh! 



 Becky gets interviewed by Katie Blackley at Work Hard Pittsburgh


  • Meta Mesh has a new employee!  Jacob Driggs will be joining the team as our Network and Systems Designer.  We could write loads more if he would ever submit his bio and picture to a certain Director of Outreach.  Hint hint nudge nudge, Jacob.  Suffice it to say that he knows his way around networks and computers and we are happy to have him on board! 


Jacob, when I ask him if he sent his bio and photo.  Until then, Jacob will be played by Morty Smith.


  • We are holding a small fundraiser for the fall.  There's no catchy titles this time, we are simply asking that you give what you can so that we can continue to help developing neighborhoods build Community Wireless Networks.  Why else should you donate?  Maybe because nearly a quarter of Pittsburghers don't have access to the Internet in a world where web access is no longer a privilege, it's a necessity. We currently help bridge the Digital Divide in several Pittsburgh neighborhoods, including the Hill District, Braddock, Allentown, Brookline, Millvale, and the South Side, and we are poised to go to many more! There isn't any monetary goal.  The sky is the limit!  Click HERE to donate. 


That's about in for now.  We are working on a whole mess of exciting things that we hope to update you all on shortly.  Until then, love with your heart, use your head for EVERYTHING ELSE**, register to vote, and DONATE TO META MESH! 


**Borrowed from one of our favorite YouTube presenters.

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