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February 11, 2017

When I was a very young child, I absolutely detested PBS pledge drives.  You know, the long, boring interruptions to Mister Rogers and Sesame Street that called for donations to PBS?  Yeah.  They’re the worst.  Then I grew up.  Oh, I still hated the pesky interruptions to Downton Abbey, but I also realized how incredibly important they were.  I will simply point to the absolutely stellar video of Mr. Fred Rogers defending public broadcasting in this 1969 video for the reasons why.


Why am I talking about this?  Long story short, Meta Mesh Wireless Communities needs financial help.  A grant or two fell through, and we did not make it to the final stage of a large competition. Because of a recent attack on net neutrality, several companies can no longer join programs to provide low-cost Internet to the poor. Moreover, those existing programs in Pennsylvania only provide phone service, not Internet - so our developing neighborhoods need Meta Mesh more than ever! Is this your first time to our site? Meta Mesh Wireless Communities bridges the Digital Divide by bringing free public WiFi to those who might not be able to afford Internet access.  We also fight for and educate people about net neutrality. 


So I sat here thinking about some clever way to entice our very loyal supporters to open their wallets.  What did PBS offer?  Doctor Who tapes and records.  IF ONLY! 





And then there’s the fact that so many fantastic non-profits need help right now in this “Age of Trump.”  The ACLU.  PlannedParenthood.  The Southern Poverty Law Center.  How could we take away money from those groups?


Then I remembered; I went to Juniata College.  And Juniata is full of amazing, creative people.  During the worst parts of the recession, Juniata was able to actually increase alumni donations while other major universities struggled.  How?  Juniata’s Alumni Office sent out a viral video that boasted the phrase “Give a latte.”  In the video, Thomas R. Kepple Jr., Juniata’s former president, is shown in his office, crafting an e-mail appeal asking alumni to give the college the five dollars they would normally spend to buy a cup of coffee.  The campaign brought in about $30,000 in just under a week.


Meta Mesh isn’t looking for $30,000 – although that would be very nice.  I’m not even setting a goal for this little pledge drive.  We want you to keep supporting those wonderful non-profits I listed above - and/or any others that you may support.  But if you care “a latte” about the following issues:


  • Net neutrality

  • The fact that the Internet has been recognized as a Human Right/utility by both the United States Courts as well as the United Nations

  • Bringing Internet access to those who can’t afford it - a quarter of the people in Pennsylvania

  • The well-being of four very nice but very poor non-profit workers in Pittsburgh


Then please, “give a latte” to Meta Mesh! Five dollars! You can surely afford that while still fighting the good fight out there, right? Two hundred people giving us their coffee money would generate $1,000! If you want to give more, then hey - we won't stop you. We accept everything from PayPal to BitCoin/LiteCoin to funny stacks of money with googly eyes!  





If you have already given everything you can to Meta Mesh, we want to say thank you - from the bottom of our hearts.  And if you need a copy of your donation receipts from 2016, please contact me! Every person who donates will receive a tax receipt.  If you could possibly share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or other form of social media, please do!


As always, we will always accept human help and hardware donations.  Thanks for reading.  In the words of our favorite Captain: love with your heart, use your head for EVERYTHING ELSE, and stay warm out there!


P.S. -  Once you have given the equivalent of one of your lattes to Meta Mesh,  we recommend you go back to Black Forge Coffee House to buy your actual coffee. 

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