State of the Mesh: April 2017

April 3, 2017

2017: Meta Mesh's Year of Progress

March was a great month. We started early this year and were on a mission to get as much done as possible. And boy do we have a lot of things to update you on this month!




Our Patreon has launched as well as the beginning of our training video series!


That's right! We've been talking about it for months-- maybe even years-- but it's finally here! The long awaited launch of our training video series has arrived thanks to the tireless work of our newest hardest worker, Austin Whisnant! Austin has taken on the script-writing responsibilities for the training and education videos and we couldn't be happier! 

One of the problems we experienced starting Meta Mesh in 2012 was that there was just NO information out there that explained mesh networking in a way that humans could understand. The other problem we encountered was that all the juicy information out there on networking was buried deep inside hour-long seminars taught by heavily-accented Indian professors standing half a mile away from a dollar-store-quality microphone. 

We have taken it on ourselves to create the BEST video series there is on introducing computer networking, mesh networking to novices who want to build a Community Wireless Network. And we're off to a great start! Check out our introduction video above and the first video in the series in the Foundations of Networks playlist below. 

To support this much-needed set of instructional videos, we need YOU to participate in our #SpringCleanYourWallet fundraiser campaign by signing up and donating as much as you're comfortable with to Meta Mesh, your friendly neighborhood 501(c)3 public-WiFi non-profit! We will be launching that this week but feel free to sign up at the link below.

Never again feel bad when we do a fundraiser and you don't send us cash- yeah we're guilting you! But we're giving you a way out of that guilt. Show you're support and show us how awesome you are!




PittMesh Expansions:



Meta Mesh met with a technical team from Woodland Hills to try and identify areas of the Woodland Hills School District that would benefit from having a large WiFi service area where students can have easy access to cost-free Internet resources. We have identified three key areas where Internet access would be helpful to students. We are now moving into a phase of seeing how much impact a WiFi network would have for those areas and to better understand the legal and financial restrictions a project servicing these areas would have.




We're happy to let you know that the first of three Green Light Wireless access points has been installed in the Hill District. We want to take this opportunity to thank one of our donors for equipment- Dan Mross- for his generous donation of a Rocket M2 and an AMO2G10 antenna which has allowed us to serve Internet access in the Hill District from Green Light's connection. We have two more locations to light up and we hope to have them up and running in April!


 Thank you, Green Light!




Braddock is now contractually complete! We will be installing our final access point in Braddock on April 6th at the Braddock Employment Training Center. We are also working with BEDCO to see if we can expand the Braddock network to five more locations on Braddock Avenue as we still have some dead spots that we want to light up. We're actively looking for a few more locations- preferably ones capable of donating bandwidth! If you know of a place where we can install- let us know!




Thanks to Tera Switch and Steel River Techs LLC for donating equipment that will allow us to install a fiber connection through KINBER to bring 500mbps of connectivity to PittMesh and a STILL UNANNOUNCED PROJECT. We are now in the final stretch of finalizing an installation location  and ridiculous amounts of bandwidth moving forward to service many neighborhood public WiFi projects.

We'll be at KinberCon on April 4th and 5th and are excited to be working with Kinber on this project!


Project Developments:




C-Hub is almost done! We'rd having a bug hunt on Wednesday, April 5th, to iron out any functionality issues. We will also be deploying our Raspberry Pi Kubernetes clusters this month and plan on deploying C-Hub in May in the Hill District!




We will be receiving a new shipment of AP300's to test with this month! While they are not for sale yet, we have made strides in securing a small UPS system to keep the devices powered and running during a power outage. We will be performing load tests this month to see how long they last under adverse conditions. 




Our Station Count data is looking great! While we have struggled with some stability issues with our script, you can see from our Total Devices Reporting metric that things have calmed down and we are consistently getting good data in! If you would like to check out live usage data from PittMesh, head on over to and log in with our guest account: grafanaviewer (that's the username AND the password!).


Success Indicators:



How you can help Meta Mesh this month:


Sign up for our Patreon!


Thank you from all of us at Meta Mesh! We'll see you next month!

Please let us know if you have donated something and let us know the cost so that we can give you a tax deduction form for you!


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