State Of The Mesh: April 2017

June 3, 2017

2017: Meta Mesh's Year of Progress


April showed us that it's time to change up our strategy as the networks in the Braddock and Hill District neighborhoods move nearer to completion but new projects similar to what we have done there and in Allentown seem to not be available this year.


We're changing things up.

After a few months of trying to get things organized, it does not appear that any CDC or other community organization is going to be able to build out a PittMesh network this summer. This is disappointing, of course, but it allows Meta Mesh to focus on some longer-term goals we've had on the back burner while we have engaged with organizations around Pittsburgh for the past year.

This month we are proud to announce our 2017 project

The City-wide PittMesh Backhaul Network*

*Plus some other areas!


This summer we are going to raise funds for and build out a 100mbps (minimum) WiFi backhaul network that will be free and open to the public to use. It will use PittMesh routing standards and will allow Meta Mesh to come closer to achieving the dream of a city-wide public WiFi network WITH Internet access baked in.




We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to purchase this equipment and build out this network using rooftops and towers donated from partner organizations. We're going to have to rely on you. So be prepared to answer the call of helping us build this next phase of the PittMesh Community Wireless Network.

In other news, we continue to produce new videos on how to understand and build out community wireless networks for up-and-coming networks out in the world. We have released a NEW video on Frequency, Amplitude, and Phase, to help prospective Community Wireless Network enthusiasts around the world better understand some of the fundamental properties of WiFi. Check it out below!



We have received word that KINBER's fiber contractor will install our fiber connection this month. It took awhile but we're grateful to Kinber and Sunesys for assisting us get the 500mbps of fiber bandwidth connection up and running. We hope to have it running this summer and connect it to our backhaul network.


Project Developments:




C-Hub no longer breaks when it runs on Windows- we had a little problem with that this month. But it's fixed now so we're about 75% of the way there!



We've nixed the idea of putting a battery in the AP300 router because of operating temperature concerns that might cause the device to catch on fire which, after some advice from our lawyers, might cause some liability issues. We will, however, be launching this new device on our website,, this month. Probably.


Success Indicators:




How you can help Meta Mesh this month:


Sign up for our Patreon!


Thank you from all of us at Meta Mesh! We'll see you next month!

Please let us know if you have donated something and let us know the cost so that we can give you a tax deduction form for you!


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