State Of The Mesh: June 2017

June 3, 2017


2017: Meta Mesh's Year of Progress


May was a busy month for contractor work and planning! Now that we're changing our strategy for this summer, we've been busy working on getting ready for a big push toward building our backhaul network, streamlining our existing projects, and adding a revenue stream so that we can bridge the Digital Divide in Allentown and beyond.




The KINBER fiber link is now live! We have run all the cables we need to run to get service up to the roof of StartUptown and begin the backhaul network.


The City-wide PittMesh Backhaul Netowrk


We have been working with funders to jumpstart the Backhaul network. We now have access to a few thousand dollars in capital to put toward building out our first links from StartUptown and we hope to have our first link up by the end of the month.

We are now planning to implement a variety of fundraising efforts to raise the rest of the funds needed to build out this network. Keep an eye out for a campaign this month.

We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to purchase this equipment and build out this network using rooftops and towers donated from partner organizations. We're going to have to rely on you. So be prepared to answer the call of helping us build this next phase of the PittMesh Community Wireless Network.


The Allentown Connectivity Project


Meta Mesh has begun researching the feasibility of providing bandwidth for Allentown businesses. This will create a revenue stream will allow us to have more reliable income between grant projects. However, this is not solely a for-profit endeavor- each location that signs up for our service will be required to have a public WiFi device on during their business hours. This will ensure that there will be seamless public WiFi everywhere along East Warrington avenue. Our prospective pricing will be $100 per month for 50/50 Internet access, delivered wirelessly. Service will be provided on a month to month basis with no "lock-in" contract for a period of time. There will be no installation fees and no cancellation fees. We are working with our lawyers to hammer out the details.


New Relationship with Amateur Radio Clubs


To build the backhaul network out, Meta Mesh needs to have access to high-up locations. This includes tall buildings, flat rooftops, and even radio towers. We have begun having discussions with amateur radio clubs in the area to see how feasible it will be to add long-distance links to their locations, allowing for many more with which to build out our backhaul network. If you have access to or know someone who has an amateur radio tower, let us know at





How you can help Meta Mesh this month:


Sign up for our Patreon!


Thank you from all of us at Meta Mesh! We'll see you next month!

Please let us know if you have donated something and let us know the cost so that we can give you a tax deduction form for you!


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