State of the Mesh, July 2017

July 10, 2017


2017: Meta Mesh's Year of Progress


June was a weird, weird month for us. Since we've changed directions in May, moving away from doing any "regular" neighborhood buildouts this year, we've been busy cutting deals and shaking hands. June also has us making some headway on consulting jobs that still support our mission. We also had some catastrophic computer failures that almost brought us to a standstill for over a week. But we dusted off our laptops and made the best of it!




IT HAS ARRIVED! For months we've been saying "ooooh that Kinber fiber is here" but for various reasons it was never actually... what's the word? Oh yes, "on."

Well now it is. And just LOOK at these speeds:

800mbps from our not-yet fully configured router. After we played with it for awhile we got client speeds up to gigabit read and right speeds. So that was fun. Here is the very first speedtest we ran:



So, ya know, reasonably fast. This bandwidth will be the main point of Internet access for.


The City-wide PittMesh Backhaul Network



We're still looking for our key first link to get up and out of Uptown. Own a building with a great view on the South Side Slopes or Mt. Washington? Let us know at


Working Outside of Pittsburgh:


Meta Mesh has been in discussions with multiple companies outside of Pittsburgh who desperately need Internet access but are headquartered in remote areas, far away from connectivity infrastructure. We're working with fiber providers to come up with ways to deliver Internet access to these remote sites.

Do you know someone who works in the middle of nowhere and needs major connectivity? Get in touch with us at


New Partnership:

Two new PittMesh nodes will be going up later this week in Wilkinsburg! We are installing the first of hopefully many new devices on properties owned by a new partner: Impact Redevelopment (, a building renovator that is focused on transforming Wilkinsburg into a more resilient, livable location. 

With Impact Redevelopment's assistance, we hope to be able to expand PittMesh's footprint in Wilkinsburg and begin offering more hotspots in a business district trying to turn itself around.



Change of Direction:

We have not been able to locate any more high-traffic areas for placing nodes in the Hill. With 10 more nodes we're suppose to install, we have been forced to look for a new solution to public WiFi in the Hill. Once we have the KINBER bandwidth up and running, we will be shooting WiFi over to the New Granada theater and Community Space where we hope to install high-gain, semi-directional antennas to point up and down Centre Avenue. We believe that this may be the best way to grant public Internet access to the residents of the Hill District. We hope to have this complete by the end of the year.


Success Indicators:




How you can help Meta Mesh this month:


We're looking for locations to put new equipment to build our Backhaul. Contact us if you want to donate some roof space!


Thank you from all of us at Meta Mesh! We'll see you next month!

Please let us know if you have donated something and let us know the cost so that we can give you a tax deduction form for you!


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