State of the Mesh, September 2017

October 6, 2017

2017: Meta Mesh's Year of Progress


September 2017 will be the month we remember we made it. Thank you for all of your support. We're excited to move forward even faster now!




Hillman Foundation Grant:

We are so happy to announce that Meta Mesh Wireless Communities has been awarded a grant from the Hillman Family Foundations for $120,000 over two years! With these funds we look to add capacity, routers, classes, and expand the PittMesh Backhaul Network!

You can read the press release we wrote here.

Thank you to the Hillman Family Foundations. Your faith in us will not go unrewarded. We aim to make Pittsburgh an even more livable city- for everyone.


The City-wide PittMesh Backhaul Network:

This is the month we will TRY to put up the next PittMesh Backhaul Network segment up into Allentown. We are still determining what hardware to use. While we've been very happy with using Ubiquiti equipment for backhaul links, we are already considering replacing the Prism Station devices we deployed. While they have been very dependable, we have not had the speeds we expected to see. We are investigating the use of 60GHz. If you have had experience with that band, we'd like to know your experiences. Look out next month to see if we've been able to get anything up and running.


Meta Mesh Provided Public WiFi at Hilltopolis


We had a SENSATIONAL time at Hilltopolis! The entire production was put on entirely through the companies at WorkHardPGH. This was the first of what will become an annual event in Grandview Park. It was SO much fun we wish we could do it again.We have a lot of data that we gathered from the event. But we're most proud of the fact that we provided rock-solid 100mbps connectivity for the livestream which Epicast put on. Meta Mesh also provided the public WiFi for the event where about 100 people were online, using 40+ gigabytes of data over the three hour event. The funny part was we didn't even break a sweat. The WiFi link back to our KINBER fiber drop was only at about 1/3 capacity for most of the night. We could have easily handled three times the population at the show. Come next year and put our bandwidth to the test!

Puerto Rico:

Meta Mesh has been contacted by an ex-resident of Puerto Rico who has extensive technological experience with OpenWRT. With our help, he wants to build a satellite uplink powered via solar and batteries to take down to the island to assist in the recovery effort. Meta Mesh has already supplied him with the last of our AP150 routers at a discounted rate and is offering tech support and advice for him as he prepares his networking kit. His goal is to take a satellite dish and a number of AP150's and AP300's down, set up in a parking lot, and offer Internet access for free to anyone with a device. As you may know about 90% of the island has no power so powering our devices using regular means is out of the question. Fortunately, Meta Mesh has already built a solar-powered kit for use with our routers which is deployed in Braddock. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help him and anyone else in Puerto Rico and will offer deep discounts on anything destined for the island.


Success Indicators:

Please recall last month's notification of touching up our site numbers. we purged a few now-defunct sites, so this is why you will see a drop in the numbers in the first graph.





Donate cold hard cash. Yes, we received a grant- but we need to make the money go farther! Help your city by helping us!

Head on over to and make your tax-deductible donation.

You can also send us Bitcoin at our address: 


Thank you from all of us at Meta Mesh! We'll see you next month!

Please let us know if you have donated something and let us know the cost so that we can give you a tax deduction form for you!

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