State of the Mesh, March 2018

March 23, 2018

A better future for Pittsburgh. One hotspot at a time.

Now that we're into 2018, it's time to tell you our plans for the year. It's gonna be our biggest yet. And we want you involved.


Meta Mesh accepted into PGH LAB!


PGH Lab, a startup incubator led by the city of Pittsburgh, today announced its third class of companies-- and we're in it!

We are so excited to be a part of the City's lauded program to develop, test, and scale new products and ideas. PGH Lab offers coworking space, access to City officials, and a closer partnership with the Department of Innovation and Performance whose Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation is Pittsburgh's plan for being a 21st Century city.


We have been partnered with the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh to find new and sustainable ways of providing connectivity for HACP residents and their neighborhoods. 

We will work with HACP to identify multiple sites where we can provide free Internet access through the use of our bandwidth graciously provided by KINBER, a statewide ISP for schools, hospitals, museums, libraries, and more. 


HUGE new point-to-point PittMesh links!



We've been dodging ice storms and sideways snow, picking out those precious few days when we can climb above the city and set up links to grow our ability to serve Pittsburgh with GMO-free, artisan-crafted bandwidth.

The above image is of our link from Allentown to Uptown. This link is capable of up to a whole gigabit of symmetrical bandwidth. For those without IT degrees that means it's fast. This link is over 1.25 miles long! And from this site we can see as far west as Emsworth, to the north we can link to Reserve Township, and to the East we can see, very distantly, Chestnut Ridge by Indiana, PA. It's a heck of a view.



And check out this view! We also are happy to announce another link atop a warehouse in Allentown that has a commanding view of the South Side and Oakland! With this link we are bringing more free Internet access up to our home of Allentown. Expect faster PittMesh speeds in the near future!


In addition we have also upgraded our link out to Brookline so that it's much faster and more stable now! Check out for the latest links and additional hotspots.


A revolutionary project on tracking the Digital Divide in Pittsburgh!

How bad is the Digital Divide in Pittsburgh? Honestly? We have no idea. Because only high-level surveys have been done using census data, we don't know how well-connected our neighborhoods really are. 


How do your neighbors use the Internet? Do they have a connection at home? How fast is it? Do they have to go to the library or the coffee shop to use it? Do they have a desktop, laptop, or just mobile devices?

How about contracts with Internet Service Providers? Do they pay month to month? How many people pay for connectivity only when they need it through services like Comcast's Xfinity hotspot program? 


We need data to answer these questions! Meta Mesh is announcing that we have applied for two grants to help us gather the information to answer these questions. This data is so scarce we can barely find anything comparable for our city's demographics. If we can fund our surveying, we'll be able to definitively state how good- or bad- the Divide is in Pittsburgh.




We'll be announcing more great news soon. If you want to be more involved, send us an e-mail at and donate to our efforts at

See you soon!

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