Small Business Networking Services

You need networking to run your business and attract customers.

Meta Mesh Wireless Communities only does one thing: build networks. And because we only do one thing we have gotten really really good at it.

We can design, build, and maintain a wired and wireless network of any size for your business. Meta Mesh has provided connectivity for a single access point coffee shop and has built out networks for concert venues with thousands of simultaneous users. 

Meta Mesh can take you from no network to not worrying about your network easily and affordably. The only requirement we have is that you host a PittMesh public WiFi router when appropriate. 

Using our suite of Ubiquiti-brand networking equipment and management software, we know when there is a problem on your network before you do and we ensure that your equipment is always up to date with the newest security patches.

Let us know what your needs are and we'll custom-build a plan for your business to solve your networking problems.

Give us a call at 412-223-4253 or e-mail us at

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